Paneling a surface that has been split

Hi everyone.

So, I have modeled a Hyperbolic Paraboloid in Dynamo, generated by an equation.

I would like to get rid of the part I have outlined in red (see image below) and then panelize the remaining surface.

I tried to do it by splitting the surface against the xy plane and then by diving the remaining surface into a UV grid.

The problem is that Dynamo regards the surface as if it were not split and recreates the points of the entire paraboloid (before splitting), please see image:

I have tried using both the Clockwork and Lunchbox nodes but both resulted in the same problem.

Any help with this please?


You could try to filter your list of points using a Geometry.DoesIntersect node or some similar workflow…

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This is a bug. You will need to rebuild the surface. There are a number of options to do this. One would be to create iso lines at regular intervals then loft them to reduce loss of fidelity. If the iso lines still span the original surface, then trim them using the intersection between the new boundary curve then loft.


Hi @Figleggedtom

You can use DoesIntersect node to filter the points which doesn’t intersect the surface.

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Hi @Yna_Db @Kulkul . Thanks for the reply. Yes, I actually tried doing that but the problem is that then the most bottom points don’t align perfectly with the XY plane. Also, I noticed that this is a recurring problem I have with a lots surfaces in Dynamo so would be nice if there was a solution which wasn’t a workaround. Cheers

Cool. I’ll give it a go. Thanks

Thanks, Worked like a charm!

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