Panelization of surface with grid in dynamo


I have a surface and an axis curve which i am using to create a 2meter grid in order to rationalize the surface into panels using a 4pt adaptive panel. I am then trying to use this to project the gird on the surface in order to place a 4 point adaptive panel.

I can do this in about 5 min using grasshopper>> dynamo methodologies however i am trying to achieve the same thing using dynamo only. I have been experimenting with lunchbox which gets me close to what i want to achieve, but the result do not follow the desired grid orientation.

I have tried intersecting the a extruded grid with the surface get me the grid lines on the surface, but splitting the surface or translating this into points seem to be tricky. There must be a simpler way to do this, any tips would be helpfull.

Workings out so far


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oh wow it looks good :slight_smile: