Trim panelling

We got the following problem with panelling of a parallellogram. We have a dynamo surface, which we want to convert into panels. This is not a problem, but the problem occurs when trying to replace the dynamo surface with a panels. Any solutions for trimming the panels to fit the geometry? Thanks in advance!

Check out this discussion…


We tried your solution from the other thread, but we still face an issue where the only output is an empty list. The input is a surface and ranges, which should be defined as the node requires. Any reason for this output?

Ensure that the input is a Surface (not a Polysurface)

In case you want to use it on a polysurface, explode and evaluate each of the resulting surfaces.

We are sure that the input is a surfacproblem2e, which is defined between the 4 corner points in the parallellogram.


Sorry, the custom node seems to work only if the surface is in the XY plane.

Modified the custom node. It should work for you now.

You can download it from the package manager

Search for Surface.DivideByIsolineGrid (ver: 0.8.21)

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Apologies - I asked a similar question in another post but thought it would be more appropriate here.


Is there a way to get the Surface.DivideByIsolineGrid to work with a list of varying ranges? I used list map to iterate the node over a list of surfaces and would like to apply varying ranges based off of the size of these surfaces…



Use List.Combine instead of List.Map suggested in the other thread (


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