Paint floor surfaces

I’m looking for any node that is able to change color of surface. It’s easy to do it for elements, but not for surfaces. I have one big floor element in my model, with few slopes etc. and I’d like to change color of horizontal surfaces, depending on “Z”. I know that “ACO” made something like this, but this package doesn’t work anymore with Dynamo 2.6
PaintHSurfaceByLevel.dyn (40.2 KB)

It sounds like you’re asking for two different things.

You can get the material element and then modify its properties to change the color. You can’t override the color of individual surfaces on a single element though. Are you planning on modeling something with that material on top of your horizontal surfaces? Does this have to be shown in Revit or can you get by with Dynamo visualization only?

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No, I’m just going to show every level of the floor in Revit with another color. And the requirement was to create this floor just as one element.