Packages that will work in sandbox mode


Is there a list of the packages that will work in sandbox mode?

MeshToolkit is an example


Anything which doesn’t call the Revit API will work, so limiting to packages is difficult as some packages contain nodes which don’t call the Revit API and nodes which do call it.


Thnx Jacob, i thought so already.
DynamoAutomation is another example, but it doesn’t get you very far without outher .dyn’s to run. :slight_smile:
How about DynaShape? I know the 2.0 version is coming soon, but does it need RevitApi?
@LongNguyen ??

DynaShape does not rely on RevitAPI so it will run fine in Dynamo Sandbox :slight_smile:

In fact today I finally got the time to finish off some bug fixes so that DynaShape can run in Dynamo 2.0 (including sandbox)!! Will release it soon if no further issues are found.