Dynamo Sandbox - Tutorial

I am trying to learn Dynamo. I am using Dynamo-sandbox. I do not have Revit. I am following the videos at dynamobim.org/learn. I have downloaded the datasets, but I keep getting errors with my nodes. Is this because I’m not using Revit? Or do I simply have the wrong datasets? Or something else?

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I use Sandbox too, because i don’t have Revit, its ok
Yes, its because you don’t have Revit, Revit also installs the key to unlock the Revit world.
But there’s lots of interesting things you can do with Sandbox.
Here’s an example


To help get though the tutorials, you may want to try using a demo, which is available for free for 30 days.

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Ow, i forgot to tell you
You can install the DynaShapes package on sandbox, and maybe some more packages, lots of exciting stuff. And you need a hand with this package, all answers here: DynaShape