Packages not working with dynamo-Alias

Hi there:
I have noticed that several popular packages doesn’t work with dynamo-Alias, while it just work perfectly with dynamo studio standalone version.
For examples, “paneling.hexagonal” node under “clockwork” package, it gives error “internal error, please report; derefrencing a non-pointer”. The same node works just fine in standalone version.

Any help please.

Hi @maxy_13

Can you show some screenshots etc of what is not working for us mortals who does not have Alias installed?

If the package is a custom node you can always try copying the content to the work-space and see if you can identify the issue that way.

Thanks Jonathan.Olesen for reply.
I took a screenshot for the node in both dynamo-alias and dynamo studio, it turned out that there is mess up with connections in dynamo-alias and that probably the cause of error.
I tried to match the nodes but it did nor work either.
I am questioning why such difference while the .dyf node file is the same for both 2 dynamo versions.

The main difference between the two is that the one in top is Dynamo 2.0 and the one in the bottom is Dynamo 1.3.3 or below, this means that there is a difference in syntax that most likely is what causes your problems.

Also there are a lot of unconnected things in the codeblocks in the top, and the outputs are not connected either.

I spent sometime arranging nodes and matching them, finally it worked.

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This does look like a migration issue. I have an open task to eliminate code blocks from the paneling nodes, so I should probably do that before releasing the 2.x version of clockwork.