Published package changing name and nodes missing

Hi I’m trying to publish a package locally that ill then put on the server that copies to everyone else. Currently its not publishing with the right name and only 2 of the 7 or something nodes are showing

Tried again and now its under error

Hey @vanman

3 Questions to start :slight_smile:

Dynamo Version?
How many nodes are missing?
Any other package dependencies?

I would start with checking for Dependencies and removing them one-by-one (if they exist) to find out where the bottleneck is.

Looks like you have been here having issues with Clockwork before :sweat_smile:

Ewan! Hello. I added an error I found which I think is coming from the package

10 nodes not working

haha yeah I have! there was a buggy node I had to get rid of in it. But I’m not sure if thats the case now

I’m pretty solid in Dynamo testing today so have a few extra tabs open for assistance :slight_smile:

Can you put a snip of the dependent nodes?

EDIT: Sorry, forgot they show here.

when I load it in dosnt say. I deleted a bunch of them out that I think arnt in scripts anymore and got it going. However under the package it only shows 2 and a different package name. But If I search the bubble node itll come up even though not displayed in package

Manually check the dyf’s to see if their path is correct. You can manually change these the reopen dynamo I’ve found.

More worrying I’ve lost some of Rhythm working

Depends on Clockwork doesn’t it?
Where are you running your packages from?
Local Machine, Local Server, OneDrive, Google Drive, Git?
Eliminated network issues?

I have found in past that having all packages pathed locally for publishing purposes only really helps with stability.

can I just ignore errors that refer to my local drives?

They are run from local drives. Theres a windows copy script that runs on everyones computer to mimic whats on the server.

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Can you post that JSON file? And the one for the package, from a previous version perhaps?

I dont know why its calling up those local files. Theres no Json there. There was heaps of them

Might be something to do with trying to repackage custom nodes from one package to another?

Ah if you have dependencies in your package I’d get rid of those ASAP. They cause major issues. E.g. using Rhythm inside your own package.

The Bakery package is a good example of why not to do this if you can avoid it.


Yes @GavinCrump is on the money, keep your package self sufficient.
Reduces the chance of these errors exponentially, and makes versioning easier as well.

You should be able to extract most package node functions (if not Zero-Touch, those are a bit trickier and need to be recreated) to be native in your dyn or as a supporting dyf, keeping coding credits of course. :slight_smile:

Always happy to help if required. :+1:


Thanks guys appreciate it. Spent so much time getting help documents and all sorts ready to release dynamo then 2023.1 or something upgrades to 2.16 dynamo and now Rhythm isnt working(who knows what else). Managed to get my package working just using the core nodes ive made from help here. But any chance you know why Rhythm isnt working? Loads the dyf files but not nodes which are in a dll or something? Nothing is blocked. So close to having everything sorted then I can just get jammed up for hour/days trying to solve one thing :sweat_smile:

Does the Rhythm pkg.json still have contains_binaries enabled?
Which version of Rhythm are you using, so I can grab a copy from the package manager for a look.

I was using 2 back from the latest but im about to head back to the office and install the latest


ok so signing in and out twice seem to fix the issue of it copying properly or something. Thanks for all the help! Better hop on someone else computer and cross my fingers

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