Clockwork package installed, works first time but when Dynamo restarted, it doesn’t work anymore


I’m using the clockwork package on a node. It works perfectly the first time I install it but when I close Dynamo and restart it, the node doesn’t work anymore. The messages that are shown are in the pictures. The node that I’m trying to use is FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers. The version I installed is Clockwork for Dynamo 2.x and I don’t know why it can be opened the first time I install it but when I restart Dynamo and open the same script, it says that this node cannot be opened by this version of Dynamo.

You need to remove packages called “Return List or Singlevalue” and “TurnintoList” from pacakges folder (C:\Users\Darwn…). These are very old custom packages.

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Thank you, that worked, I just Uninstalled those packages from Dynamo.