Overriding Room Areas in Revit

Hi. First of all, I’m very new to Dynamo so forgive me if this question is too amateur.

So, I’d like to override the areas reported by Room Tag with Area in Revit by Dynamo because it’s not possible to do it in Revit.

What I’m trying to do is to override the area value by preventing it to round off without turning on the next decimal vaue. For example, an area 65.777 should be displayed IN REVIT as 65.77. When i turn off the the third decimal, it will become 65.78 which is not acceptable.

Now, i managed to do the process of conversion in dynamo, however the values remain ONLY in Dynamo workspace when i click RUN. How do I implement it in Revit so that the values i see in Dynamo replace the values i have in Revit?

(Please don’t ask me why i need this ridiculous precision of small values of areas in Revit)

The area parameter of rooms is a reporting parameter, and is read only as a result. You’ll have to create a new parameter and write the value for each room to that parameter with an Element.SetParameterValue node. However, unlike the built in the area parameter, you’ll have to update these values manually every time you update change the room’s area by a modeling change (such as moving a wall, or adding a column, or… whatever).