Room area - give different results than actual area


Attempt to get rooms area gives different results. Using the node “Room.area” gives higher results than the results of the Area parameter that appears also in the project schedule.


Thnx, Hagay

My guess would be units

Room.Area outputs in square feet?
I am in Australia, so I have to do a conversion to get it back to square m…

I just did a quick check of the standard nodes in Dynamo and there seems to be a problem with the “Convert Between Units” node.
When I use the manual method (sqft/10.764), I get the correct answer, but the convert node gives me an incorrect number???

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Hi, it will be fast fix.
The reason in the number 10,764 - it’s a little bit wrong.
Because you should take this number like this - 1/(0.3048^2) = 10.76391041670972.
And right now check it one more time - you have to take the same values.


If you have a look at the original image the Revit room schedule and the manual calculation gives pretty much the same result with rounding. The Node conversion is higher???
Even with the added decimal places it give basically the same result. I am wondering why the built in node outputs a higher value???

Revit Room = 39.75sqm
Convert Between Units Node = 39.7901164052324sqm
Manual conversion (a/10.76391041670972) = 39.748631999996

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If honestly I don’t use any nodes. I made everything by hand. And this is one of the most important point that you can’t look inside this node.
My position very clear in this question in codeblock copy-paste this "a/(0.30480.3048)" and can be sure to 100% that it’s true.
And reason for wrong converting can be several. For example you need feet, but you use foot. What about this foot - is it Netherlands foot or France or Rome… I really don’t know about it. But I know that 1 feet = 0.3048 meter and consequently 1 sq. feet = 0.3048
0.3048 sq.meter
Best regards

I also use a manual conversion in all of my feet to meter conversions. I was just trying to answer the initial question posted by @hemmanu to see where any discrepencies occur in Dynamo and found the “Convert Between Units” Node problem.