Space parameter value in dynamo

I am having trouble getting parameter values from shared, global or project parameters into Dynamo. Element.GetParameterValyeByName works for Revit-created parameters, but not for parameters that I have created myself, no matter what parameter it is. The values of the parameter “Luftmengde per m2” are all meant to be 7.2. The “Area” parameter is working as it should.

Hi @tmdY35CD

Use custom node LunchBox Get parameter node.


Thank you. LunchBox Get parameter node almost worked, it gave me 7 and not 7.2 as the parameter value. This will make my calculations wrong. It also included the unit and I am struggling to remove it (a formula doesn’t work). Do you have any ideas?

The only option is to do a conversion, in your case multiply by 101.9406477312
0.0706293334429772 x 101.9406477312 = 7.2

Dynamo is supposed to be unitless, but that is only the case for the most basic geometry units. The rest is following the Revit api internal units which are a mix of SI units and imperial foot = 304.8mm

@tmdY35CD Add decimal places in project unit settings. Use LunchBox node called GetDomain or use “RemoveAfterGivenCharacter” node to remove units.


Thanks, but I think it would be easier to change the parameter values in Revit to not include the unit, and then include the unit when setting the parameter value after the calculations are done.


You can create a New Text Parameter if you want to assign them on later stage.

Great, thank you!