Override Projection Lines Color

This is really exciting John and Danny! Good work! When working with the planning folks, they had scenarios where they had an interior elevation meet an exterior wall. Graphically, they chose to draw the frame edge with detail lines and remove the heavy line on the exterior wall side. Would it be possible to occlude 1 or more of the heavy line edges? I haven’t looked at the code but my thought would be to explode or unwrap the viewport to its individual segments in order to apply or occlude the lineweight override.

This is a great tool, thank you for sharing.

I would like to share a thought/idea:

On many projects, rooms are not rectangular nor bound by non-orthogonal surfaces. The old school drafting convention was to draw a bold line at the surfaces of the room in an interior elevation, as you are doing. I’m wondering if your script can be taken one step further by capturing the outline of a room in section, if room volume calculations are enabled. Then transfer that outline to a crop region sketch via Dynamo. A few Revit releases ago, you could actually show the room outline in a view, select the object and bring up the Override element graphics dialogue but you couldn’t override it. Just a thought, it’s on my list to look into. Do you think that may be possible? Thanks.

This is very interesting and helpful. I was wondering if you know of a way to read an element(s) line weight and then change it. I have been searching for a day now and cannot fine anything.

Hi Steven,

Did you try looking into “Element.OverrideProjectionLineWeight” node from Rhythm Pacakge.

Wow I am not sure how I missed that node. Thank you very much Kulkul. Do you know if there is a way to read the default line weight as well? I will be running multiple elements with different weights into the node and I want to keep there ratio to each other the same. Thank you,

So I just created my script with this node and I can get it to work with a single number input but if I input a different values for each element it returns with null. Any Thoughts?

Yes it’s only going to take one numeric value because I am terrible at Python. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take a look at it, but perhaps someone else can refine the code? Rhythm is on github now :slight_smile:


Not sure if you have added this since I do not have the latest package update (Need the It guy at my office in order to update to 9.1). Some one in my office wanted to be able to change the fill color of elements in addition to the line color. So I just made a quick change to your script. Thought you might like to add it as a new node to Rhythm.

All you need to change is line 44 to “SetProjectionFillColor”. You can also add some of the other overrides pretty easily I think. Here is a link to the API section.

Thanks for Rhythm,

*edit- went ahead and added this. Tell your IT guys to get on it!, lol :slight_smile: