Override Line Pattern Crop Region View

Hi to everyone,
I’m looking for to change the line pattern of my crop region view in the sheet file. Actually I did a selection filter, but it takes a lot of time when I’ve a huge number of crop region to override. I found a similar discussion in the forum, using Rhythm, that allows to modify the lineweight;ad another one using python, but I’ m not able to do that.
Can anyone help me, to find the right way to obtain this result?

Thanks in advance


Try using View.GetCropRegionElement node in Rhythm package to get crop region element then override it.

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Thanks vr.molecules. I’ll try it as soon and let you know!

I followed your advice. It works! Anyway there’s a problem, because it doesn’t change all the views that i selected, but the only in active view. I selected only elevation views to be faster.
In the image below there’s my script, what’s wrong?

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Nothing wrong.This node only work in active view.
Anyway you can turn this graph to Dynamo Player.

Yes, I realized after posted. You mean create a Dynamo Player node and let it run for each Sheet View, changing everytime the View Type?
I changhed the CodeBlock with a Number Slider to switch the View Type from the list.


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Ok. It works also as dynamo player. When I try it on a sheet view, I have to activate every single view to have a result. has someone any suggestion on how can I override every crop region view in only one shoot? Maybe using some nodes for filtering the views that I want to override?
Below there is the script that I did.

Override Crop View Line Pattern.dyn (19.9 KB)

Hi Liuk,

I believe you could use the View SetelementOverrides node in combination with the Element.Ownerview node.

See below for an example:


Is Element.OwnerView a Clockwork package node?
I don’ t find it

Yes it is, i am using clockwork 2.3.0

But you can skip that node and feed the output from “Get view by type” in to the view input, and “view get crop region by element” into the element input.

So you dont need the owner view.

Connect this node to views:

And this one to elements:

I believe that should work.

Thanks MVE, I’m trying to figure out, but there’s not news… Could you show me your ViewSetElementOverrides custom node?

What you are showing is not the same ‘gut’ as the ViewSetElementOverrides.
This should be available in Dynamo since you have the other nodes to override in view aswell.

Are you able to find the node ViewSetElementOverrides?

I’m sorry but I’m not very experienced… Can you help me to find the right way?

No problem,
I have added the node to your graph, it is from the GeniusLoci package.
Override Crop View Line Pattern.dyn (20.0 KB)

Please let me know if this works for you, wasnt able to test it out right now…

Many thanks!
Well, the script is running without warning and nothing appens… the result is null.
Don’ t know where I’m wrong

I am sorry, i forgot to change the override graphics settings node…

Change that node with this one:

It should work once you swap that node.


Here is the file:
Override Crop View Line Pattern.dyn (20.4 KB)


Thank you so much. It’s working! You saved me a lot of time!!

Thanks to all guys

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some one can tell me what’s wrong, there’re no warning but only line weight work, there’re something wrong with overridegraphic setting

Hi hoaninhan, and welcome!

I believe you are using the wrong node to create an override.
The original poster had the same issue and I awnsered that here

Yes, This script works for multiple views, which is what I was looking to use in my office. Thank you so much, and now I have got a script to use in office work which is good.