Override groups colour range by name

Hello communiy I am trying to override groups in a view based on its name.
1.First I am filtering out groups that contain Unit on their string
2.Then I need to group them by key and associate a number to these keys and using the colour range node.
All these is based on these workflow:

Do you know why the graph is not working???
Many thanks in advance!!!

Can you show node previews or watch nodes for your outputs? It’s almost impossible to tell where something fails if we can’t see what it’s doing (or not doing.)

Sure Nick,

I think the way I am trying to override the groups is not appropiate either.

RemapRange is looking for a numerical input. If you just want a different color for each group you can use 0..1..#c with c being the number of groups you have. Then use that list as the values for Color Range.

Thanks Nick, that is a possible solution, do you know why the element override by view is not working?

The override isn’t working because the input nodes are failing before it.

Hi Nick,
No regardless, I have just tried different ways and noone works.
I have created a new topic related to this topic.


Sorry for my ignorance I am new on Dynamo.

Hello Nick,
Thanks for the tip, the colour range is working fine but the group override is not happening.
Anyone know wh


Can you share the graph with previews turned on for the GroupByFunction node? I have a feeling that you do not need to be using that node.

I think you are not seeing results because you are trying to override the graphics of the group elements, and the group elements themselves do not have a graphic representation. You need to be overriding the elements within the group. There is a node in the Clockwork package that will give you the elements within the group, in sublists for each group.


Thank you very much AWilliams and Nick.
All sorted.

Here is the graph in case anyone fancy using it.Group colour override in view by type.dyn (18.9 KB)