Override Color to Family - Not working

Hello guys, I have developed a definition override associate colors to family
At the last stage, the node (Element.overridecolorinview) doesn’t override the color in Revit but it seems to work in dynamo.
The wall types are part of groups. Can this be the reason why they are not showing?
I have done the same experiments with groups and it works perfectly…part%201 part%202 part%203

(upload://zSi05jZgzIouC2CJ1XYnfY6gFi1.png) types.test2

Why is the Override node Frozen? Right click on it and deselect Freeze. Then there shouldn’t be the grey dashed lines around it. Also, what is the Color node showing for output?

Hello Sean, thanks for your comment. The color node is frozen in the image but of course, I unfreeze it to run the definition.
As you can see in the override output it shows the elements n dynamo but it doesn’t override the color in Revit.
The Wall Family is part of a curtain wall and then grouped. Can this probably be the reason why Dynamo cannot override a color on it? On the other hand, this action can be done in Revit.

Please find attached the file.


190513_Test Export.dyn (27.3 KB)

part%204 part%205

Perhaps ungrouping then or some of them and running as a test may tell you. Groups can often cause issues like this.
Also, is your color node outputting the correct color? Seems like it should be, but nothing on the “a” input.

Hello Sean,
Thanks again for your reply.
Unfortunately ungrouping is not solving the issue, and the ‘a’ input is not influencing the color overriding…


I know it is an old post, but I found it since I was searching for the same solution, this graph worked for me, I hope it helps!