Override Graphics on Multiple Views

I am trying to add a graphics override to multiple views to halftone certain assemblies by name. The below shows what I have working on the current active view. But I am wanting to do this over multiple views with slightly different elements each time for when I create multiple overall plans it applies these overrides right away at creation.

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This is the input i am trying to use for the views to override in.

Hi Jacob,

I know it’s a year old thread, but I have done this successfully using Genius Loci package nodes.

However the latest package updates removed that specific node, Override Graphics by view, which allowed to provide a list of elements, of views, and of all the graphic overrides wanted.
I am not sure why this node was removed from the Genius Loci package…


It is possible with the View SetElementOverrides node of the Genius Loci package as shown by @Giovanni_Succi

So I haven’t really revisited this topic. The way I was doing it was active view only.image

Now utilizing the node View SetElementOverrides then messing with a bunch of lacing and lists I think I got it working now.image

Here is the completed graph.

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