Organizing data in a single Excel sheet

Hello All,

I would like to know if it is possible to write a function in order to get all data in one excel not in separate sheets?

I mean when I am changing the number slider for X & Y, I would like to set that output to be added in the next raw in my excel sheet.

Thank you so much for your helps.


Why do you want to do this in dynamo? You could do that in other software…



Hey ,

When you change your number slider, it will be always placed in the first RAW and COL because you have specified this with putting the Code Block (ZERO).

what do you think about making a copy past to your box and then change (the number slider( and the number of (RAW and Col) ?



I need the function to automate extracting and adding data in next rows in Excel. Let’s assume my number sliders contains 200 numbers! in such a case changing COl/ROW in each step could not help.
I am looking for more efficient way.


Does anyone have suggestion to help?

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi Raha,

Maybe I didn’t get the issue but i thik that it is just the structure of your list that matters. Unless you change the excell sheet by giving it a different input, it will all go in the same sheet. Here are a couple of examples:

Hi Mostafa,

Thank you so much for your reply.
Unfortunately it is not what I am looking for.
Your data are constant here but I have a dynamic series of input data.

For this problem what comes to mind is;

  • defining a dynamic File Path, that could change simultaneously with changing the input data (to avoid overwriting the data in the same path.)

  • Or defining dynamic Row, changeable with input slider steps.

Does anyone think it would be possible to do so in dynamo?
How the results from dynamic input could be analyzed? (just changing everything manually and one by one?)

Thank you for your responses.