Readfrom excel and keeps the data inside dynamo as list or string permanently

Hi, I am able to read datas from excel and create lists in dynamo, but for the next time I need to have the data/values as list in dynamo itself for further use without read from excel file, i need the values must be stored as list of strings within dynamo, any help?,thanks for help in advance

you store it in a code block or a python

I think i didn’t ask clearly in my first time, I need to have the list without using excel file, means can i copy cells from excel and paste it in codeblock with each cell as each list item?

Currently if i copy multiple cells from excel to codeblock, it takes as one item only, i need to have the each cell as separate item of list

I am trying copy these excel cells into codeblock, am getting result as single string, i need to have the separate items for each cells, as I said early I dont want to use read excel nodes


in your case
the second is keyboard tab
you can add the list.transpose node to find the configuration of your excel

great now it works fine, thank you @Akli.baliche

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