List to excel layout

Hi community,
I have some parameters values to write into excel file.
I must organize them like the joined picture.

For a specific reason, I want to have on excel lists with horizontal values (from pink group on dynamo), and for the seventh “column” I want have vertical parameter values from the same item (from blue group on dynamo).

once done, I want that dynamo pass to the next item

PS : the blank line on the picture is just to explain that I’m passing to the next item.

i have to manage up to 500 items, so I’m focus on dynamo solution

thank you for effort

B-2 Fondation_Essai ghassen.dyn (67.2 KB)
Test dynamo.rvt (3.5 MB)

Hi @Ghasen_Ouederni,
Good to see you after so long on the forum.
These solution should be able to help you take care of up to 1,000,000 items!

With Blank Lines
With Blank Line (60.9 KB)

Without Blank Lines
Without Blank Line.dyn (56.7 KB)


Really nice work @AmolShah


I can’t thank you enough for your involvement and your double solution.

I’ll test both of them, and give you a feedback. Even if i’m sure it will exactly what I expect.

Thank you

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You’re most welcome @Ghasen_Ouederni.
Glad I could help you out.

Thanks @Daan

Hi @Ghasen_Ouederni, if you are having trouble visualizing the list data structure in dynamo to excel or data grid like format, you can always use the visualization node from AECTech.

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Thank you
I’ll try it.