Order of adaptive points

My question is both about Revit, and dynamo.

I have this panel which consists of 2 seperate panels, I have list of points, I can create both panels in the same family. But I want to create them as two seperate families.

The second panel has point numbers #3, 4, 5 and 6. But I cannot start numbering the adaptive point from number 3. Any suggestions?

try to get the points, then use ShiftIndices until no. 3 is in the first of the list

An alternative option could be to nest the two panels into a 6Pt adaptive family:

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Shifting indices would be too much custom. I have hundreds of panels in my project. Nested family would be a more elegant solution, but I cannot renumber the 5th and 6th points because for start revit asks for number 1.

I think I will leave 2 not used adaptive points in the family.

Ok, another update. I realised that the number of points doesn’t matter in my excel list. Thank you very much still for the exercise you have taken with me.