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I was learning importing a 4 points adaptive family in producing a gherkin tower. I import this 4 points adaptive panel using metric generic model and when launching script in Dynamo, it appears to be a odd twisted family. I had attached pictures and file. Please advise on my issue. Thank You!

Gherkin.dyn (87.0 KB)

REVIT file can be found from:

You need to get your points in the order that the adaptive family is expecting them, and in groups of points as sublists.

For example, if your adaptive family is expecting 4 points, then you need to feed in 4 points in the correct order

It is a list manipulation question i.e to get the point data in the right format


It’s strange because I can see you’re using the QuadPoints function from Lunchbox which from my experience should return the points in the correct order for a typical 4 point adaptive.

Can you show us a screenshot of your adaptive family in the conceptual environment (points numbered)? Maybe the points aren’t cyclical (e.g. they go 1,3,2,4) in this environment.

@Andrew_Hannell @GavC cheers for your inputs. I solve the issue by addding a Geometry.scale node into dynamo which solved the issue.

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