Order Coordinates Adaptive Family Points with the id of the family

I am triying to create a list with the three coordinates of the four points which define a adaptive family. I like that it appears in excel in a row in this way:

I have all the information in Dynamo but i don´t get to sort it.

Somebody could help me?
Thanks a lot

I have been working and i get it but i don´t know if this way is the best way.

@FRAN1972 if you can share the required files may be i can help you…

Thanks a lot.
I have just upload the dynamo file.

send.dyn (649.4 KB)

look like I need your sample Revit file.

I upload the family also.
RegardsLesson08_Panel_adapt_2.rfa (624 KB)

@FRAN1972 Here you go…

Fran.dyn (54.2 KB)

Thanks a lot for your reply. I am study it.