Orchid packages messing up other packages

In the orchid packages there is something that defines List. Now a lot of my other nodes give an error because it doesn’t know if it needs the orchid definition of list or the DSCore list definition. So i need to adjust all the custom definitions where there is List to DSCore.List

This is very annoying

I Arno

This has nothing to do with Orchid in particular, several of the larger packages uses the namespace “List”, “Element” etc. therefore it is always a good idea if one is using the build in function to define these clearly, by adding “DSCore.” in the case of lists.

That said the Dynamo team should consider having Dynamo use the build in nodes if there is a conflict or nothing is defined. But you might be in for bit of a wait for this, in any case I do not think posting comments about the package created for free will help anyone, much less your annoyance.

What you could be encouraged to do is to create a suggestion / ticket on the Dynamo github with a suggestion to a change in the base program mitigating your problem.

Just my 2 cents.

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I believe this is the case now, but can’t confirm as I cannot reproduce without disrupting a larger workflow which I need to keep open so it’s ready to play with on my flight home. :frowning:

A warning is still triggered, but if there is a method it runs with the OOTB method.

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