Query about code block

Good morning:
i have one query about coding …i found in code block word (DSCORE) and i don’t why it used …can anyone tell me about it >>> i watched a lot of videos about code block and didn’t find it >>>and Thanks advance

DSCore is simply defining that you’re dealing with “core” nodes… Dynamo Core nodes to be exact

i didn’t understand why it used in this code

It could be because other packages etc also use the name “list” and this way it is defined that it is the OOTB (Out Of The Box) / Build-In “List…” node that is to be used.

If you had other packages using the “Line” name as well you’d also need to add “DSCore.” in front of “Line” :slight_smile:

If you do not have other packages using the “List” namespace it would not be necessary and could be removed… But it does not hurt anyone being there :slight_smile:

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