Orchid Nodes Between Revit/Dynamo Versions

Dumb question-

I have a graph with a couple Orchid nodes that works properly in Revit 2019 (Dynamo 2.0.3). Installing Orchid 2.2.x gets everything to show up in the package panel on the left and if I search I can find the nodes but when I load the same graph into Revit 2020 (Dynamo 2.2.x) the nodes don’t resolve.

If I update the graph to the newest nodes, will it completely hose the 2019 version

Hi @Chad_Clary

For Revit 2020 try installing orchid 2.3 version from this link


Is that installed with the 2020.2 update? Currently on 2020.1 due to an issue with the deployment settings & AV software :roll_eyes:

No. Installed with revit 2020 and above.

This is fine.