Orchid FamilyType.Delete Node

Just wanted to quickly ask if anyone knows how to use the FamilyType.Delete node from the Orchid Package.
What I’m doing is creating new Family Types and saving each one in a different .“rvt” File, so I want to create one and save it and then delete it so that when I do the new one and save it, it saves individually. Anyway, I tried using the node like this:

But it didn’t work, and I don’'t know if I’m using it wrong. And I thought that maybe it got lost in the element part so I tried to implement the node in my Custom Node where I create the Family Type and ended up with this:

But still it doesn’t work, so any ideas are very much appreciated, thanks!

I believe the package author’s preferred way of handling support is to go to their github and open an issue, https://github.com/erfajo/OrchidForDynamo/issues/new/choose


Thanks a lot, I didn’t know that, I will try that!


Sorry, but I’m a bit confused… Just to check… The FamilyType.Delete node, are you feeding it a Family Document? I can’t tell :slight_smile:



I’m feeding it just the current Document, I don’t know if there is a difference between Document.Current and familyDocument or which is the proper way to call familyDocument, so any tips on this will be super helpfull, thanks!

If you’re in a project, you’ll be feeding it a project document (.rvt).

If you’re in a family, you’ll be feeding it a family document (.rfa)

It is possible to ‘background process’ families (and projects) without having them open as your working project.

Sorry if that is still confusing… @john_pierson knows much more than me :slight_smile:



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You are too kind. I just pretend real good.

That being said, I would still advise to ask on the Github as I do not answer questions regarding the Orchid package as it is not mine and I do not use it.

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Thanks, I think that I’m feeding it a “.rvt” file instead of a “.rfa” file.
And even though I still don’t know how to get the .rfa file from the Family Type that I just created, now I know in which direction to look so thank you very much!

Thanks! I just posted it on github!

This works for me…


Hope that’s of interest,


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It was super helpful! Thanks!

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