Offset and elevation reports for a Civil 3D corridor

Hi There,

I’m looking to extract Offset and Elevation reports from a Civil 3D corridor. The node “TkCorridorFeatureLine.OffsetElevationsByStation” isn’t working as the corridor is containing few feature line baselines. Hence i switched to the other option where I have extracted the feature lines and then used the node “FeatureLine.GetDistanceOffsetElevationByPoint” by referencing an Alignment chainage as points.
But this node is not considering the Perpendicular from the point (on the Alignment) to the Featureline, instead it is taking shortest distance.

I need an Offset report just as in MX road, Where a perpendicular is drawn from the point (any Chainage) to the feature line selected and the information of offset and elevation at that point is required.

Please help me

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Hi @praveen.kgnvUW3AG,

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