Create perpendicular line to an alignment

Hi. I have a list of stations and distances to the right and left, as shown in the image.
I’m trying to create perperdicular lines to an alignment in those stations and with the distances to the right and left.
What can I do? I manage to the alignment info but can’t work the geometry nodes to create the lines. Thanks in advance.

Looking at this

  1. Alignment.CoordinateSystemByStationOffset with the stations as the inputs
  2. Point.ByCartesianCoordinates with the left and right offsets as the X coordinate input (left values should be negative)
  3. Line.ByStartPointEndPoint
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Why only one Coordinate System is created? Thanks for your response.

What is the output of Document.Alignments?

This is.

Set the lacing to longest.

It worked. Thanks you so much.