Spot Elevation for Edge of travel way

I’m trying to Tag spot elevation (Corridor Surface Elevation) along ETW on Roads Model. Conventional way is bit hard and sometimes elevation of the curb top is taken.

Do anyone have related Dynamo script to automate Road annotations? Please do share ideas on this.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @rajcivilengg1993,

The Camber package has nodes for creating Civil 3D labels, including spot elevation labels.

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@mzjensen Thankyou for the prompt reply.

I’m new to dynamo programming, trying to search for available script to learn and develop from the same. if you have any prepared kindly share.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

@mzjensen If the corridor is Parallel I will create alignment from corridor and pick spot on stations along Edge of travel Way with equal range.

But In my case we have different radius on curves. Kindly help.

Hi @rajcivilengg1993,

What have you tried so far? These might help.

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