C3d dynamo multi sweep problem


I am looking to sweep some objects profile along 3D polylines with a large number of vertices.
All of swept object was created on the dynamo place, but not in C3D space.

Please tell me why there are no objects on the c3d

I’m not sure if this logic is right.
if there’s a better logic, please introduce it to me

220620.dwg (5.1 MB)
220620.dyn (186.6 KB)

Hi @pjy6929,

I’m not at my PC right now and can’t look at the graph, but do you have an Object.ByGeometry node at the end?

yes. Object.ByGeometry is at the end.
Here is my graph.

Change the Geometry Scaling setting to “Medium” and see if that works.


As a general rule, don’t change the geometry scaling setting from the default of “Medium” even though the warning message tells you to do so. There are lots of examples around the forum describing how it creates issues when working with geometry that is far away from the model origin. If you’re using Civil 3D 2023, you can dismiss the warning so that it doesn’t bother you.


My computer keeps stopping when I set geometry scaling at “Medium”.
What should I do?

Sweep operations are notoriously slow. Your script ran pretty quickly on my computer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets hung up when you start adding more polylines to sweep along.