Converting Tinsurface to Dynamo geometry doesn't work for certain surface


I’m having an issue with converting tinsurfaces into Dynamo geometry(not mesh).
I have two tinsurfaces (EG,FG) shown in the image below, and trying to turn them into Dynamo geometry so I can use them for geometry intersection or get distance to other geometries.

They both come in okay as meshes, but when i try to turn them into any type of geometry(polysurfaces, triangles, edgelines), one of them(EG) doesn’t work.

Is it related to how the surface was modeled? If it is, how should I fix the surface so it can come in as Dynamo geometry?
I’d appreciate any help.


Is the geometry scaling set to Medium?

Hi, it is set to Extra Large. I had to change so I can extract pipe geometry in the other part of this script.

That is likely the reason for the coincident points warning. From what I know, it’s best to leave the scaling set to Medium.

That’s interesting!
But I tried changing it back to Medium and it’s just asking me to change it back to Extra Large…

+) Oh, it is telling me to change the scale, but still creates the polysurface at the end! I guess I’ll have to ignore the warning for now. Thanks for the solution!

Yeah, unfortunately it’s a warning that you just have to ignore :confused: it really becomes annoying when using Dynamo Player, because then it says “run completed with warnings” even though everything executed properly. You can “swallow” the warning by using a Function.Apply node.

That is a great solution! Yeah, I was worried about the Dynamo player warning since I’m planning to share the scripts with other people.

Thanks again :slight_smile: