Numbering sheets for multiple area

I have spent a week learning dynamo and created a massive script that creates views then does dependents based off the scope boxes. after that I have it create sheets and place each view on a sheet.

Now the problem I am having is the sheet numbering
Foundation = S101A, S101B, etc.
Floor Framing uses multiple levels so this is where my problem falls
Level 2 sheets should be S102A, S102B, etc.
Level 3 sheets should be S103A, S103B, etc.
only thing I could think is using sequence but then I get 102A, 103B, 104C, etc.

I cant upload my test project so I will describe it. In my test project I have 6 Levels and 6 scope boxes so the dynamo will make a mother view for all 6 levels then do 6 dependents. it then creates sheets for all the dependent views and places them So my question is how can I get the 102 to stay 102 for 6 times then change to 103 and that stays for 6 time then change to 104 etc. but while it does that I want it to add A-F to the end then start over when it starts the 103
CreateStruct_WorkingViewsDependantwithSheetsViewsTEST.dyn (259.2 KB)

I typically get this to work by using the name of the scope box (area) applied to the view to help fill in. It makes the logic much simpler.

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This will get you started.

amount input could be based on counting your Scope Boxes and / or Levels.

I agree with @SeanP the name of the Scope Box could make things simpler.


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CreateStruct_WorkingViewsDependantwithSheetsViewsTEST.dyn (342.4 KB)
Thank you very much that worked perfect for the number but it ended up breaking the sheet creator. now when I run it, it does all the sheet numbers perfect but the first 6 sheets are all named area a and the first of the 6 has a view then the 103 has the level 2 area b for all 6 and the view is on the first. do you know what might have happened by changing this?

Your graph is a bit messy so it is hard to tell
(also because i am currently on mobile).
I think it can be a lot cleaner / simpler.

I gave you some options how to do certain things. Couldn’t tell how to fit my suggestions in your Graph (Script) because i did not know how your Graph (Script) / workflow was set up at first.

You have to wait till tomorrow or monday before i can help you any further. Or maybe another member can help you before then.

It might be a Lacing thing, but it can be anything really. Again hard to tell as i can’t zoom in far enough on mobile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Thats no problem and sorry about how messy it is. I just started teaching my self dynamo a week ago so I still am learning how to clean things up. I actually figured out what happened the list chop was done on the sheet numbering so the sheet name and views didn’t line up any more. I added a list chop to both of them and that fixed it. again thank you for all the help.

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