Dynamo Player Inputs

Hi, trying to get scripts to work on dynamo player. I’ve got picking model elements sorted but inputting values is the next problem. Is there a node to bring up a dialog box and input a value for a dynamo script to work. Rhythms node is giving me error in the screenshot below. If this node worked it would be great though. I could duplicate it and customize it so the dialog box it brings up says “prefix” or “starting number” so anyone using dyanmo player can use it.

The problem here is not the Rhythm nodes. You are giving the start number a string by using my node, which does not seem to be correct. It is looking for a number (double).

also that node isn’t working for me even with regular inputs,

This will work better. I updated my room renumber node to fix an issue. For anything Dynamo player UI related. You should check out @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi’s Data-Shapes package.

and here it is running.

renumberROoms.dyn (15.8 KB)


This is so helpful and awesome! thanks John. I stumbled across your website earlier today as well. Looking forward to reading it when i got some spare time. Also that UI interface is going to be so good for some other scripts I’m making more dynamo friendly.

I gave your room renumber script a go with 2 as prefix and 1 as start number but i get these 3 errors, unsure why.

Hi @vanman

Could you please show us watch node for all the nodes. Thanks :slight_smile:

@vanman download latest version of Rhythm. (2017.02.15)

still get the same error. all values are null under the nodes. using revit 2017.2

Newest version of package Rhythm

Thanks John, it was the project i was testing the script on. Gives me that error. Still establishing why, if i copy the walls and rooms from the project into a new project it does work, might be some view setting or filter. Anyways, thanks for your help. Awesome script!