Number node issue


I have some numbers nodes in my scripts that are defined as “Inputs”.
The ones with default values inferior to 1 are always redifined and multiply by 10 or 100 when i close and reopen my script…

Have anyone faced this problem?

I have never had this problem, but try using a code block with for example 0.5; in the code block

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That’s a way to get around but i cannot define it as an input to be able to modify the value with dynamo player…

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@bertrand.savarit I saw this behaviour in early versions of Dynamo for Civil 3D. FYI @nigel.peters @Michael_Kirschner2 @angelohbwang

You could use a string input node. Then convert the string to number.

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Here is my version

Hi @bertrand.savarit, some of my collegues have the same issue on Number nodes when using Dynamo from Civil3D. I don’t have the problem (maybe because I use Revit as well)

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