How to keep the line-styles when I export detail line drawing to autocad from revit?

Hi everyone, please resolve my problem,
I create my line-styles like this figure.


In the Revit, I draw all details by detail line.

I want to export my details to autocad, and all my line-styles in the Revit do not change line-styles in the Autocad

How to do???
Thank you so much!

You can set up individual line types as a different layer with their own colors:

To automate this using Dynamo, you will have to use Revit API’s ExportDWGSettings class. Unfortunately, what you are asking is a little too much for me to do (time-wise) in my spare time. You can give it a shot and post any problems you have as you get to it.

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Thank you,
However, I draw all details by detail line, i don’t create the model. Therefore, Your solution isn’t suitable to my question.

Did you try what I showed? It works exactly how you want it to if you gave it a try:

Just change the layer for each line style and you can set the color there.

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Oh my God!
Thank you so much! I don’t pay attension about changing the line in the layer tab.