Not creating Geometry in Revit

Hi All,

I’m probably doing something very simple very wrong,

I’ve got the following Dynamo script to generate spheres based on a CSV list of points. If I run it in an existing Revit model it generates the Spheres properly. However if I run it in a new Revit file all I get is blue unclickable cubes as per this image. I’m not sure what the cause of this is as all the blue cubes are in the correct place, they’re just not generating correctly.

I think that the boxes are preview geometry from the Dynamo instance, but can’t tell as I don’t have your csv. Is that view set to display massing?

Also note that it may be better to use a family for each point. That will enable scheduling, individual tracking, resolution timeframe, assigning responsibility, rapid view tracking, and completeness of overall task (just to name a few).