Not able to get default system family export to excel

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I Want to Export All Revit family to Excel. The purpose of doing is Renaming of Family Name and Family Type Name. From the Orchid package Family.All and FamilyType.All node by the helps I’m Exporting Family to Excel which is I’m getting only Loadable Family. There are some Default Family are I’m not able to get. Is there any way to get Export Default System Families Export to Excel.

Default system Family list i have marked as Red color Box.

System Families only represent the categorization of system types, there typically is no element to query. You would have to get the System Types directly. You could either do this with Element Types and All Elements of Type or you could use a FilteredElementCollector in Python to do essentially the same thing.

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Hi Nick,
Thanks for reply…
Actually I’m not looking to export System types. I’m looking to export default family on above snaps Cable Trays, Conduits, Ducts, Flex Ducts, Flex Pipe, Floor, Pipes, Walls ects…
I have tried using categories and All Elements of Category or Python also to get the Family Name but thing is that I’m getting only loadable Family.


Hi @r.rajaRBHA5 …this one here from clockwork should give all families in project…

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Thanks sovitek…
It’s Working node.

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All Elements of Category gives the loadable elements. As I stated before, System Categories technically have System Families, but they do not have Family Elements that are “selectable”. The elements you’re looking for are Element Types, and you can get them with Element Types and All Elements of Type.

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