How to get Family Name

Hi all,
I’m planning to Export from Project all Modelled elements Family Name and Family Type Name to the Excel. The thing is there are few Families are coming Null Value as list of

Cable Trays, Conduits, Ducts, Duct Insulations, Duct Systems, Flex Ducts, Flex Pipes, Pipes, Pipe Insulations, Piping Systems, Wires

Please refer below the snap of issue I’m Facing. Kindly provide the any solution for same.

Loadable Family I’m getting correct.

Hello @r.rajaRBHA5

I think you are looking for this node. “Element.ParentFamily” from Rhythm package.
you can go inside this node for more detail information.

Or this custom node :

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Thanks for reply…

i got the solution like somehave below the snap.

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Bakery’s bv Get Nested and Parent Family Relationships is fast. But be careful that the output list lengths may not be equal.

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Thanks for replay. @truevis