Sorted sheets in Excel

Hi there.
First post and very new to Dynamo.

I’m looking for a way to export all sheets from Revit to Excel. I’ve succeeded with exporting the list but I want to sort by 2 categories under Identity Data. I have isolated the data in Dynamo but I’m stuck for now. This is probably too much spaghetti but the best I could do after viewing ALOT of post from this forum.
BTW. Is there a “public library” of .dyn - files somewhere?

Regards Kasper

Here is the file if you wanna check it out:

Sheets.Excel.dyn (95.3 KB)


So basically the same build as in Revit if possible.


Maybe My post wasn’t clear enough.
I want My sheets (RED) to be sorted under info (GREEN) by Idendity Data (BLUE)

Is it even possible?


First, personally I’d hardcode the inputs. Sometimes drop-downs can change and it causes no end of bother.

You’d really benefit from some list management…

If you want the parameters in the separated lists instead of the sheets then use the green wire connection instead.

Obviously I have not used ‘Mapper’ or ‘Kategori’, this is just an example of how to separate each.

Then you want to feed each list into a different column or sheet in your excel.

The excel node can be fed lists too.