Nodes to create stair

Hello! What nodes are more helpfull to create a stair with equal steps? Sem Título

Can you give some more backround here? Are you after massing stairs in Revit as model innolace elements, families, or actual stairs? Or are you looking to create stairs in a sandbox/studio environment?

Hi Jacob,

I’m tumbleing on your comment here in a shears for some stairs knowledge in dynamo.
I need to create a elliptical stair and since Revit doesn’t support this nativly i’m trying i wit Dynamo.

Creating the lines and picking them also doesn’t help because also here Revit doesn’t allow me to select ellipses when creating a staircase.

So is there a way to to create an acutal stairscase in dynamo? Because in Revit 21 i can’t find any node for it

Hi @AlexanderVandenbergh - this should get you started :slight_smile:

Depending upon your actual design criteria, you’ll need to modify this and it’s just the basic rig for steps right now anyway.

Some things to think about:

  1. You can boolean them all together to create a Monolithic stair if that is your goal
  2. You can create structure as needed using similar logic and lofts/sweeps
  3. You can push this into Revit as a Family, refer to 40 - Dynamo Office Hours - Getting all Stairry Eyed - YouTube

AlexanderVandenbergh_EllipticalStair.dyn (45.0 KB)

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