Placing staircase between two levels

hey , my question is how could u place a generic pre-build staircase in between two levels in dynamo . i didnt attach any screenshot etc because i think no need of that .i need the node that places pre-build staircase in revit between desired levels in dynamo.

What is a pre build staircase? Generic model family? In place family? A group containing a stair built from the stair tool?

Yes generic staircase

Can you post a screenshot of where in Revit I can find that tool?

i mean the stairs we already have in librarary

That’s not how stairs work in Revit. That is just the family types. He meant you should show how you can build a 1 click stair in Revit, as you are describing you can. Spoiler: You can’t. Stairs require a lot more than just a click (boundaries, runs, etc.) so there is no way for another program to know you want a “prebuilt” stair somewhere.

Also, you should read the guide on how to ask for help on the forums. When you say there is no need to try anything first, you just need the info from everyone else, no one will want to help you as we are not being paid your salary to do your work for you.

Try something out, when you get stuck ask a question specific to your problem. Don’t ask for other people to give you all of the information for you.


i am so sorry i didnt mean that . this platform has already given me help and i respect that . i mean that i didnt have a script or snapshot of that to upload here . You can see my previous querries have clear snapshots

That’s okay, just letting you know.

From what I can tell by the API, creating a full stair is not possible yet. However, creating a stair run or a stair landing is possible, but those require more than a single click. From the methods, they need a stair ID to attach to and then either a sketch of the boundaries and risers, or a location line. Both ways look to be a pretty code-intensive path.

As what @JacobSmall said earlier, another way to avoid API would be to create a stair in Revit, make a model group of it, and then use Dynamo to create copies of that model group at specified points.

Kenny pretty much hit the nail on the head - they can be made but it’s very complex, to the point of why bother for most users (or at least near enough to it anyway).

You have to create a stair object, tell Revir if it should automate the landings, and then create the sketch lines or run lines as needed. All in a single transaction and all in the right order. It’s not impossible, but creating the nodes which have all the right input methods for all the various options is pretty difficult a task, and the built in tools are pretty good to start with in terms of minimal clicks for result.

Fortunately for anyone who wants to try, there is fairly good documentation on the subject here:

kenny , thats what i am saying that i dont wanna create stairs , i have it in revit families and i just wanna place a copy of that by dynamo

The picture you showed above was the built in system types of stairs, those are not functional families like a desk would be. If you want a fully built stair, make a stair in Revit, group it using the ‘Create Group’ command, and then call that group in Dynamo. From there you can place it using point coordinates, similar to FamilyInstance.ByPoint. Give it a try.

like we have these stairs already in our library and i wanna place it between my two levels in dynamo and basically i was asking of any node etc … As for placing roof or floor we have nodes like floor.byoutlineandlevel and roof.byoutlineandlevel etc … My Question is the same for placing stairs

Once again, the pictures you are showing are not a fully built stair. Those stairs listed in the family browser are just stair types, similar to wall types. They do not work like other components and require a lot more information that Jacob has outlined.

Placing by outline is different than placing as is. As @JacobSmall said, trying to use outlines to place stairs is a very difficult task, and will be more effort and headaches than any time saved if you can even get it working.

will it work if i modify the stairs and fix its tread numbers etc and then i use it in dynamo for placing … Actually im not good in coding and im a beginner so thats why im trying to avoid python coding for now and see whether there is any method of it without python. Thnks for your help and guidance