Nodes stop working randomly

I think the following screenshots illustrate the issue quite well:

It’s quite problematic for me, as sometimes you just recreate the “broken” node and the graph starts working again, but in others, other nodes along the way stop woking as well. Because of that, it sometimes takes hours to fix the problem.

For our company, this is problematic, as we have a library of graphs, loaded for use through Dynamo Player, which makes it impossible to troubleshoot for people, that are not Dynamo capable :slight_smile:

I would be really glad to know what is causing this, as it makes Dynamo graphs unrealiable for broader use within the company :frowning:

I have noticed there is a similar topic in the forum and I noticed it hasn’t reached a solution. Could it somehow be related to poor network connection? I have noticed it started happening quite often, once we started having issues with the server. I think prior to that I had never experienced this bug. So far, it is the only correlation I could think of, so any suggestions would be higly appreciated!

If you restart the CPU do they start working again?

Hi, Jacob! No, it doesn’t. Even worse, I fixed one of those graphs yesterday, but today it’s broken again

It’s not also related to a certain library, as it happens to different nodes, including the OOTB

Unfortunately it looks like you’re going to have to do some hunting.

Please upload a broken graph for review, along with the Revit journal and Dynamo log from the session where it didn’t work and the session when the file was last modified (check the meta data on the dyn file to confirm those two).

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OK, thx. The next time it happens I will upload all the stuff

Here they are :slight_smile:

Currently, it last “broke” in this zone:

Edit: Here’s another one

For this one, the problem appeared already in the beginning:

Those two are basically getting broken on each run…

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