Node stops working after a while

I’ve had this problem several times. I write a script with some nodes. At first it works. But after a while (sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days), one of the node doesn’t work anymore. I can restart the computer, it doesn’t change.

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I have had this happen when trying to upgrade or use older graphs in newer versions of Dynamo. For example using a 1.3 graph in 2.0. Does it give you any errors or warning? What is it doing? Is it the same model? I think more information here would be helpful because what you have given us isn’t much to go on.

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Hi Sean,
Thank you for the answer.
Here is what happens :

These nodes don’t work anymore. I didn’t switch Dynamo/Revit versions though. Neither did I change the Revit file. What I may have done (but I’m not sure whether it’s linked) is Save As the Dynamo script.

They aren’t working because there aren’t values coming from your GetParameterValueByName nodes. Have you verified the parameter names and that they have values as you expect?

Yes. The parameters do have values. Indeed, if I create a new node (Element.GetParameterValueByName), it works as expected.

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I’ve encountered the same issue on numerous occasions… With Dynamo 2.6 and graphs created directly in that version. Some nodes just stop working occasionally, while others return really weird results:


Most of the time, when I copy / paste the node, the problem is solved, but in certain cases other nodes stop working afterwards and I need to recreate them as well. Sometimes, this might cause a huge waste of time.

It’s an extremely annoying issue…