Node error

I’m working at a new company and I brought my dynamo graphs with me. I’m having some weird issues.

when I open the graphs it adds outputs to random nodes. this keeps the graph from running. I Tried deleting the node and adding it back in and that clears the extra outputs and allows me to run without errors. however, when I save and reopen this graph the extra outputs come back again.

this happens in all my graphs when I use R2020-2022. No issue in R2023

has anyone seen this before?

oh and this holds true for others that try to use the graphs

Hello @DangeRuss is that a ootb node ?..yes have seen that issue in custom nodes

@DangeRuss ,

may it is a older version from Rhythm…



yes, this particular node is rhythm. I have a Archilab node doing the same thing