Custom Node not running in larger graph

Hi All,
I have created a small custom node - it receives a sheet, and centers the view inside of the sheet (using parameters of length and width in the titleblock).

Basically, the node works perfectly as intended, when I place it into a small testing .dyn. However, when I place it at the end of a much more complex graph, it does not function correctly.

I think it might have to do with order of operations. I first create the Sheet with the view, and then I run the custom node. I have tried using the Clockwork Passthrough node, and this still hasn’t allowed it to work. I even added another, “dummy” Input to my node, to try and run it at the very end of my graph, but it is still not running correctly

I’ll upload the .dyn and the .dyn.

Thank you!

CenterOnSheet.dyf (32.2 KB)

Sheet2Sheetss_181017-1850.dyn (322.0 KB)

Is it throwing an error or just not doing what you want it to do? What information if any is in the output of the node? An image of the graph after a run with the output windows expanded may also be helpful with the graphs you already provided.

It’s just not working properly, no errors show up. I just threw an output node on the end, to test something else but there’s no need for one really. The input is just a list of sheets (each with one view in them).

I’m thinking of splitting it somehow into two graphs… but then there is the problem of checking which sheets to run the script on…

It looks like to me that you are trying to “Center” the view before it is created on the sheet. In the image from your graph, I bet the “Sheet” #1 is going through your Center node before the views are created. I would suggest doing the Pasthrough node before the Center node and use the Viewport.Create node as I drew.

The other option would be to use the “RunMe” input you have as an actual input to check that the view has been created. Right now you node doesn’t do anything with it.


I’ll try reordering the nodes, so that the passthrough comes before the centering node. The input was just to make the node “wait” to run, I might try hooking it up to check actually.

You may also need to use transaction.end - to force the order of revit transactions so the document is regenerated.

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I tried the transaction nodes… no luck there.

Strangely, my node works for all viewtypes (elevations, sections, 3D), but not for floor plans. I’m trying to find what sets them apart, but haven’t gotten something yet.