Data Type Issue

Hey I am looking for some information on an issue I am having – So I converted a series of code blocks into a custom node – when I use the same arrangement of blocks outside the custom node my setup works the views are created without issue - but when I feed data inside my custom node block it starts having problems and outputting as NULL. Yesterday I was getting issues where it insisted my data type was a function as opposed to a level… This is an issue because I want to change the lacing of my custom node.

This is an annoying thing about Custom node. if something goes wrong inside, you don’t get an error message. Just because it works in de graph, doesnt mean it works in the custom node. Can you share your custom node and explain what it does?

Thanks for the reply Joel. I’ve been digging into it - so this block is part of a sequence that I am creating that should automatically get all of the levels and matchlines in the model, create floor plans and ceiling plans for each level, and then create sheets for each view and name them automatically.

This section is the part where views are created from each level. The Top line of code is supposed to name each view (after digging into it it doesn’t work exactly right yet, but that’s not the part I am asking about). The input feeds a level into 6 identical streams that should create, name, and set the discipline of each view to electrical.

The top line of code isn’t exactly working very well – but the 6 repeating rows WERE working before when a single level is run through them – for some reason when I do this inside the block though it feeds through the wrong data type.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t clear in my question haha

Can you share the actual custom node file with us? We are not going to re-create this all based on a picture.

Ok – Sorry for the holdup Joel, I’ve been busy with work (Im not a dedicated developer and have been busy on other things!) anyways here is the copy of my custom node.

CreateViews.dyf (136.0 KB)