Nodes Dissappeared

So I got this issue this morning;

Whenever this happens I usually restart Dynamo, Revit or my Workstation…but this has continued even through restarting everything. On a previous thread, it says that I need to update my Dynamo. But I am already in the latest stable version.

Whenever it is in this ‘error state’ I cannot click anything inside Dynamo, either in the node-space or the system buttons (file, etc…).

What do I need to do to make my nodes com back again and prevent this in the future?

If I start a new drawing, I have functionality of the Dynamo program. But once I try to place a node, it goes back into the ‘error-state’ symptoms.

Could you check if you also happen to have 0.9 installed on your pc?
If so: uninstall that.

I had similar issues before and after I uninstalled Dynamo 0.9, Dynamo 1.3x was happy again.

please look in the console for any errors.

I will try getting rid of the 0.9.

Not familiar with the Dynamo Console, I have not gotten that much under the hood in Dynamo

Hi @J.Wehmer

Could you drop your dynamo file here?

Now Dynamo is completely missing from my R17 toolbar…?

I Can’t drop the original file here, but this is a file that is having errors too.

line to pipe.dyn (26.4 KB)

Blockquote Now Dynamo is completely missing from my R17 toolbar
If you’ve uninstalled 0.9 and have 1.3x installed, you should be ok.

If not: do try to reinstall 1.3x.

@J.Wehmer Try this file line to pipe.dyn (26.4 KB)

@3Pinter I do not have access to uninstall, so I tried a repair on 0.9 to see if that would work. But once I did that and restarted Revit, Dynamo was gone…

@Kulkul Unfortunately I cannot open Dynamo on my computer currently, it is completely missing from the Revit toolbar and the Windows files :confused:

@J.Wehmer Assuming you have somebody at your floor who does have access / IT-manager? Please do ask him to uninstall it for you.

Like I said uninstalling totally fixed all issues I had with 1.3x (Example: placing a node (code block or so): peewwww dynamo crashed etc. etc. )

Uninstall is a requirement. But don’t just uninstall one part - uninstall all things Dynamo - Studio, Core, Revit, and all versions of each. Then run the MS FixIt utility. Then install the one version of Dynamo that is right for you. Your IT guy will need to do this as you appear to not have local admin rights.