Node warning appears on computers that script was not created on

I am having an issue with a script I created and when trying to get help on the issue I can across a new one. When I try to open my script on any other computer (other then the one I created it on), it gives a warning for the Curve.EndPoint because the Curve.FromLine node is showing up null. This warning still occurs when all the proper packages are loaded. The node works perfectly on my computer and is used several times in my script. Does anyone know why this might be happening. Thanks.

Hi @Viv

Could you please show us Screenshot of your error.

Are you using the same dynamo version for all computers?

This is what the error looked like. But I think I have it figured out, although I’m not sure why it was happening. If I just skip over the Curve.FromLine node and go right into the Curve.EndPoint it works. Thanks!

Could you show watch node for “Curve.FromLine”.