Node error report - Show warning message

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way how to extract the warning message for example to a string node if there is some node with an error in the script. My point is, that when I run the script via Dynamo Player, and it runs with errors, I would like to create a dialog window, showing the text of the error.

Thanks for your replies.


I think you would have to dig into what can be found about a given warning via the Dynamo API, and that access is quite limited in player as you are running a headless instance which would in theory close down before you get what you need.

A more robust solution would be to code all of it via Python, and handle the exceptions via traceback, but that is full with issues as well - there comes a point at which a full add-in would be more suitable.

Hi Jacob,
thank you for your reply. I thought those would be my options.

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